According to information posted on the SHSU website, restarting SHSU in the midst of COVID-19 will require everyone to come together to help protect their Bearkat community. Reducing student density on campus every day — along with wearing facial coverings and washing hands frequently — can help stop the spread of COVID-19 while enjoying the benefits of the university experience.

To reduce student density on campus, they are adopting a blended format for most of [their] face-to-face classes.

Blended courses allow students to learn as much as possible and spend time with their classmates and instructors while also maintaining a safe distance from each other. In a blended course, more than half (but not all) of the instruction is done from a social distance.

Here are a couple of examples of a blended course:

  • A T-Th course might split the class into two groups.  Each group attends in-person either Tuesday or Thursday (while the other group participate via Zoom).
  • A large MWF course might split the class into three groups. Each group attends face-to-face in the classroom one day each week while the other two groups participate with Zoom.
  • The first 3 weeks of a course are taught face-to-face (either in a larger room or in smaller groups) while the remainder is taught online, with exams proctored face-to-face in a large room every other week.

For more information about blended courses, view the student FAQ.