The Walker County Office of Emergency Management reports that as of 8 Thursday morning there were 172 positive cases of coronavirus in the county. A continuing total of 3 fatalities were reported. There were 705 positive cases of coronavirus reported among TDCJ offenders in the county. These TDCJ numbers fluctuate due to transfers out of local facilities.

TDCJ’s COVID-19 Medical Action Center website reports as of Thursday, May 28, at 9 PM in a section entitled “Offender,” there was a total of 53,781 tests reported; 4,970 positive cases of coronavirus were reported among offenders; 1,349 were reported recovered from COVID-19; there were 36 COVID-19 Presumed Deaths with Deaths pending an autopsy at 30.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that the State has reported a one-day high of 1,855 new coronavirus cases and 39 deaths yesterday.