Walker County Commissioners meet for a special session at 1:30 this afternoon.

Walker County Emergency Management Coordinator Butch Davis will discuss taking action on the purchase of a subscription agreement and statement of work for Orion Pre-Planning & Damage Assessment Tool, as approved at budget.

From the Special Prosecution Unit, Laura Yosko will talk about the Lease Agreement between the First National Bank of Huntsville and Walker County SPU.

County Purchasing Agent Mike Williford will discuss taking action on procuring an engineering firm for the Community Development Block Grant for a Disaster Recovery project administered through GrantWorks. The process includes selecting a review committee, determining selection criteria, selecting the engineer providers and distributing the Request For Quote.

Regarding Texas Grand Ranch Section 8, Planning & Development Director Andy Isbell will discuss action on a plat note for temporary cul-de-sacs and on infrastructure plans .

Commissioner Daugette will receive an update from the Texas Agri-Life Committee.