What’s In The Box?

Join Steve Rixx every weekday afternoon at 3:20pm for “What’s In The Box?”  A FUN, interactive contest that you’ll have to use your imagination, and your noggin’ to figure out!  You’ll have the opportunity to WIN great prizes including CD’s, KSAM T-shirts, Concert Tickets, Food, and other fun stuff IF you can figure out What’s In The Box!

At 3:20pm Steve will give you the first clue as to What’s In The Box, then every few minutes he’ll give you more clues to help you figure it out.  First person to call in with the correct answer WINS!!

*NOTE:  One winner per person per household is eligible to win every 30 days.

Remember, ANYTHING could be in the box.  There is no limit to the size of the box or the item inside.  It could be a fire truck, or it could be Kooter!  It could be a stop sign, or it could be a cloud, or the planet earth!  Get ready to have fun with Steve Rixx and “What’s In The Box?”, the newest way to have FUN on 101.7 KSAM!