Terry King

    Terry is well known from his 18 years at legendary radio station KVIL Dallas/Ft. Worth. While at KVIL, he worked Mornings, Middays, Afternoons, Evenings & Overnights. One of two in the history of the station to work every shift on the clock. While at KVIL, Terry hosted a round-the-world race with listeners, 13 countries in 11 days & all on the air. Spent a little close time with “Check Point Charlie” in Berlin before going behind the wall with “ The Great Race 2”. Yes, before Reagan got Gorbachev to “Tear down that wall”. It was a glorified scavenger hunt. Eat your heart out “Amazing Race”.  Terry has two wonderful daughters, Madison & Jillian. Jillian is a 8 time Special Olympics gold medalist, Madison a star on the stage and attending Alabama, “Roll Tide”.  He’s a Native Texan and attended Texas Tech University as a broadcast major/theatre minor.  Terry knows no stranger, could talk to a tractor tire, and has three great loves: “Family, Food & any fish on the end of my fly rod!”  Listen to Terry weeknights from 6-Midnight.