In Huntsville Police news on the day shift last Friday, gas pump skimming devices were located in the 100 block of I-45 North. In the 100 block of I-45 South, family members assaulted each other with a deadly weapon. In the 1500 block of 11th Street, a vehicle was reported stolen—it was later relocated in the same parking area. Three thefts were reported—one in the 2000 block of Old Colony road; another 100 block of Duke Lane; and in the 300 block of Raven Terrace Drive. A residential burglary was investigated in the 1300 block of 21st Street.

On Friday’s night shift, a known suspect assaulted a victim with a knife in the 400 block of Brunch Avenue. In the 200 block of Highway 190, Kimberly Zapata was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

On Saturday’s night shift, three vehicle burglaries were reported—one in the 1300 block of Smither; another in the 2500 block of Pine Shadows Drive; and another in the 2100 block of Sycamore Avenue.

On Sunday’s day shift, a couple of criminal mischief cases were reported—one, in the 2500 block of Lake Road in which an unknown suspect damaged a vehicle and another in the 600 block of I-45 South where a possibly known suspect damaged property.

On the night shift Sunday, a possibly known suspect stole beer in the 2300 block of Lake Road.

On the night shift Monday in a case of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in the 1800 block of Bobby K Marks, an unknown person took a vehicle.