A major topic for discussion at the regular session of the Huntsville City Council Tuesday night was an item on their “Statutory Agenda” which would adopt an ordinance amending the Huntsville Code of Ordinances that would strike the exemption for such vehicles owned by, driven by or in possession of jurors of any case in District or County Court.

Speaking for his office as 12th District Judge and various other County officials, Judge Donald Kraemer was opposed to the ordinance. Judge Kraemer passed along how serving on a jury is a noble, legally commanded and sacrificial service to the community, and he didn’t think the juror parking issue was that much of a major disruption to parking . . . .

It was brought up by councilmembers in argument that there were two places designated for jurors to park—behind the district attorney’s office or around the Annex building.

Following much discussion, councilmembers voted for the change in ordinance by a vote of 5 to 3.